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Photos Courtesy Of Thai Friendly

Personally, I was never one for dating sites in the past. In North American I would often see those advertisements that would pop up and say meet girls in your city now and it would have a photo of some adult film star that you know is not actually in your city. They use the Geo Stats software to figure out where you are by your IP Address and then try to con you into their program. Once you get in there you do find some girls but all the girls that got your interest in the first place usually are not even close to you if they exist at all.

One thing you are not going to find much of it is Asian Ladyboys and that is where Thai Friendly comes in handy. It is basically a dating site for Thai Girls, Ladyboys and Guys that are in the search for Foreigners and of course for us Foreigners to find them. The focus on the site is Thailand but there are some other Asian cities as well, but the majority of users are Thailand Based.

Inside you will find real profiles of ladyboys that are all interested in meeting you. You can join for free with no credit card; all you need is your email. The free membership gives you full access to looking at the photos of the members. There are no x-rated photos allowed in the site so you will not see ladyboys showing it all or a photo of what is a guy’s pants. Sure some of the ladyboys have some exciting photos such as a bikini or lingerie but the site has strict guidelines to adult material which is fine by me.

With a free membership as I stated above you can browse all the profiles of the Ladyboys online and look at their photos. You have various search options such as the City they are in, weight, age, Gender etc, and yes they do have a actually ladyboy section so you don’t have to search through the gender girl section. The search options are also not adult related so there will be no searching by penis size or anything along those lines.

You can also send messages to the Ladyboys, click a show interest button and even add them to your favorite section. You can also block individual profiles from seeing your profile. The free membership does have its limitations. The biggest is you can only send a message every 10 minutes and you can’t use the online chat feature which makes having a good conversation difficult.

If you decide you like the site you can upgrade your account, it gives you the following benefits:

  • 1. Unlimited Messages – No Longer have to wait 10 minutes, you can send as much as you want
  • 2. Your messages when sent to a ladyboy will go up top, past the free members in the ladyboy’s mailbox
  • 3. You can hide your profile or appear offline
  • 4. Your own personal profile will be seen more by the ladyboys
  • 5. You can instantly chat with any ladyboy who is online, if she wants to talk to you of course
  • 6. You can see if your message was read, who viewed your profile and who added you as a favorite.

Thai Friendly does have some working ladyboys inside that are also escorting on the site, but this is not an escorting site, just some of the ladyboys are offering services. You can usually figure out quite quickly who is a working girl and who is not. Usually if the girl posts her phone number on her profile or says she works at a bar. However, saying that even the escort ladyboys are in the search for a foreign boyfriend, so you really got to think of what kind of ladyboy is good for you. Of course there are also lots of Thai Gender Girls and Guys as well, whoever you prefer is up to you.

You can upgrade your free account at anytime and they have four options that you can purchase either through PayPal or which are well known online processors.

The JOIN THAI FRIENDLY options are as follows:

$24.95 USD per Month Recurring
$49.94 USD Every 3 Months Recurring (Save 33%)
$69.96 USD for 6 Months Billed Only Once (Save 53%)
$99.95 USD for 1 Year Billed Only Once (Save 66%)

As I stated above the site is totally free to check out, you just have limitation so please if you have an interest pop on inside and see what you think, there are many Ladyboys, Girls and Guys hoping to meet you. You might be interested in a full time girlfriend, a vacation buddy or just a friend, it all can be found inside.