Hua Hin Ladyboys

Hua Hin Ladyboys Review

Ladyboy Photo From Thai Friendly Hua Hin Section

I recently took a small vacation in Hua Hin and of course I had to check out the ladyboy scene. It was slow season and unlike Pattaya it actually seems to have a slow season and there were not a lot of tourists around. Now Hua Hin I noticed right from the start is nothing like Bangkok or Pattaya if you are looking for bars and go-gos filled with horny ladyboys. First off the city has no GO-Gos at all. From what I hear since Hua Hin is home of the Royal Palace they do not want any Go-Go bars around the area which makes sense.

There is however a few streets that have a lot of small establishments with mostly little bars and a handful of girls at each bar. There is no dedicated ladyboy bar and even the past ladyboy show bar that used to be there has closed. What you will find is that many of the girl bars also have a few ladyboys inside as well. There really is not a lot around but usually if you skip from bar to bar you will find some. There will be some very cute ones and some downright monsters but everyone has their own tastes. I found the most ladyboys I saw in one bar at one time was five and they don’t seem to belong to just one bar as they bounce around a few bars.

There are a few girls and sometimes ladyboys that dance on tables or little bars but mostly it is just sitting back and having a drink with them and enjoying the sites. I found the atmosphere pretty relaxed and the prices not too bad. I had a few aggressive ladyboys but for the most part they could be controlled. You also often see freelance ladyboys walking up and down the street. One of them jumped on my motorbike and I had some troubles getting her off, though I do admit I considered taking her and kind of regret I did not.

Hua Hin bars close around 2am but after you can go to a few locations that are open until the morning or until the cops come and close them down according to a ladyboy I was talking to. These are what I would call a small disco and inside a lot of the freelance girls and a few ladyboys are looking for some last minute action, the ones without customers so I presume you might be able to get a few deals.

The daytime in Pattaya I often see ladyboys everywhere but Hua Hin really does not have a huge ladyboy population, a few at night and I think I saw one in the day time and she worked at a local store. What I can tell you is you easily get known if you spend a couple of nights having some fun drinking. Since the streets are so small the Thai Girls and Ladyboys remember you pretty quick so if you are one of those guys that like to be a little mysterious you are not going to find it there if you frequent the bars. I even recognized a bunch of foreigners while I was there and I am sure they did the same for me.

Hua Hin besides the ladyboy scene is a great place. I had a lot of fun checking out the scenery, the beaches, the temples and the local markets. It was a nice change from a city that is known for sex like Pattaya but for the bar ladyboy searcher it might get a little boring after a bit. A great place to bring a ladyboy for a few days though if you decided on taking one for a little holiday. You could bring her from another area of Thailand or pick up a local one.  Seeing a sexy ladyboy in a bikini on the beach and she is all yours for the holiday isn’t a bad trip I wouldn’t think!

You can also find some of the ladyboys on Thai Friendly. Now Hua Hin does not have a lot of ladyboys like I said before and that goes for Thai Friendly. There is a handful on the site that are working girls and a handful that are “good” ladyboys that would love to show you around the town and if you are lucky you can show them your bedroom.

So to summarize Hua Hin is a beautiful place to visit. Great beaches, fun sites, cool markets and a small but enjoyable bar scene. The Ladyboys are not plentiful like you might find in Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket but you can still have a good time as there are some very cute ones and some stallions to choose from. Just for those that like to keep low key or change their ladyboys a lot you might find yourself well known in the area pretty quick. Most of the bars are closer to the beach but there are some more spread out throughout the city. I found a few more bars on a couple streets by the Famous Night Market but those bars didn’t seem to have any ladyboys, at least the night I was there.

I also included a few photos of just the scenery around Hua Hin