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Baby Boom Ladyboy Bar Review Pattaya

Baby Boom Ladyboy Bar Review Pattaya ladyboy bar Baby Boom ladyboy bar Baby Boom Inside Ladyboy Go Go Bar Baby Boom

| On 06, May 2013

Baby Boom is another fun Ladyboy GoGo Bar in Pattaya, Thailand. It is just off the main Soi Buakhao Street and is tucked away on a quiet street where most will not even see you enter. I have been there a few times in my travels and have always had a good time. The bar is rather small with a small stage with some big mirrors where the girls usually dressed in bikinis of some sort shake their stuff and ride the stripper poles. The bar is rather chill and the girls usually do not jump your bones right away but they are very interested in you. You can call them down at anytime and they will gladly hop on your lap and have some fun with you. Of course buy them a drink and perhaps even take one or two up to a room for some fun.

The bar is run by a very nice couple, I believe he is European and she is Thai and they are often in the bar taking care of the drinks, the girls and the customers. The music is a mix of many different types but usually something with a beat where the girls can dance easily too. The drinks are very reasonable and there are happy hours each night if you come a bit earlier. The bar is laid out with the dance stage right in front of you and a long bench in front with tables for you to sit and enjoy. There is a bathroom in the back and yes they do have short time rooms’ right upstairs. So if you do not want to wait to take them home and just want to have some quick fun just pay the bar fine and take her to the room and let the naughtiness begin.

There is a nice collection of ladyboys that work at the bar, most are very friendly with a mix of super cute to more stallion type ladyboys. Usually the later in the night the bar will start to empty as girls either move on to the streets or are taken by customers. The bar closes at 2am officially but the owner from what I have seen will keep the establishment open a little longer if he has some paying customers inside, he is very laid back and easy to chat with.

The bar also has some show nights where the girls do little sexy shows such as a shower scene which is fun for both the customers and the ladyboys; it gives them the chance to show off a bit like a performer which they obviously love. As I stated before the bar is off of Soi Buakhao street and is pretty private, you can even take a right after Oasis Bar, then your first left and walk down a small street which is even more private if you do not want anyone to see you go to the bar. Sometimes on the main street, Soi Buakhao you will see a ladyboy with a sign showing you where to find it. If you are walking down Soi Buakhao and reach Pook Bar, which is another ladyboy bar then you have go too far, just turn around, walk back down and take your first left and the bar will be on your left side.

I like Baby Boom for the most part, the bar is pretty basic with a small stage, mirrors and places to sit, but the girls are fun, the drinks are a good price and the overall feel of the establishment is friendly. If you need more information, better directions or just want to talk about the bar or anything else just send me a message using the contact page of the site, would love to hear from everyone!

Prices at the time of this review are only 95 Baht to buy a drink for a ladyboy and 500 baht to Bar Fine one these sexy girls.  Drinks are actually a little cheaper then usual, the bar fine is pretty standard.

Review Overview



  • Good Prices
  • Friendly Staff and Ladyboys
  • Private
  • Show Nights
  • Happy Hours
  • Rooms Upstairs


  1. Thomas o Sullivan

    Baby boom bar looks really good. I know pattaya well can u give precise directions to this bar please it would very much appreciated. Thanks tom

    • LadyboyFan

      Do you know where Soi Buakhao is and the ladyboy bar called Pook? If you are heading towards Pattaya Klang it is just the street on the right before Pook Bar, if you drive to Pook Bar then you have gone to far. It is the first right after the Pattaya International Dental Center. Once you take the right into the street it will be just on your left hand side a few meters down the road. A good chance there will be ladyboys in front of the bar and also at that corner trying to get you to notice the bar.

      • motoguzzibob

        One more point/ question to LadyboyFan
        Can you confirm you’re talking about the same bar, or is this another hidden gem?
        You can get to it the back way next to the Triangle bar?

        • LadyboyFan

          yes you can get it from the back street up from Triangle Bar that is correct, if you want to be even more private. It is a pretty dirty bar I would agree, might be a little too much for some people. There is now a new ladyboy bar called Fantasy Lounge which I have not reviewed yet on Soi Buakhao too.
          It goes like this, if you are coming from Pattaya Klang you will first see Pook Bar On your left, then after Pook bar the first left down the little Soi you will find Baby Boom or you can get at it from behind like you mentioned. If you go past that little Soi you will hit that little Food Cart area where lots of freelancers walk around and then you hit Fantasy Lounge on the left too.. all three bars are like 5 minute walk from each other.

  2. motoguzzibob

    I think this bar is in a little quiet soi next to the Rich Bar (Opposite a big purple hotel full of Russians – not that they get involved in the bar scene, let alone LB bars!). I do not recall the dental centre although I went to the bar quite a few times and stayed just up the road past Pook bar. The name doesn’t ring a bell either and a video I’ve seen appears to show a bar opposite, but there wasn’t one in mid December 2013. But, I think it’s the same bar I went to. The LBs are raunchy for sure. It’s way better value than Pook bar and more discreet. There are a few LB massage places which are great value (700/ 1000 baht inclusive of everything you want! No bar fine although you stay on the premises) between Pook bar and LK Metro on the Pook bar side. There also a lot of free lancers in this short stretch and are good value – how does 5/700 baht sound with no bar fine. They are really nice too if you choose carefully! I went back to their rooms with one exception and she paid for a short time room. In LK metro there are few around and I went with one for 500baht (+300 bar fine) and she wanted me to stay all night – lovely person and a nice room. I don’t get why so many guys pay big sums for run of the mill LBs in expensive bars! By the way I am 65 years old – decent looking, not fat, nothing special but I am very friendly. I more often go with bar girls and to date I have never paid more than 1000 and sometimes less. There are ways round the bar fine too – but that’s another story! I don’t mean the coconut ladies – although I know guys that go there and dance places/ clubs.

    • LadyboyFan

      cool story, only problem with Freelancers that stay in the same area is if you are living there or vacationing for a long time you often have to walk by the ones you slept with, resulting in them wanting to go with you again, which could be a good or a bad thing:) Yes there are lots of ways to get around bar fines, cheaper prices, totally agree most of the little bar reviews are for the general newcomers to hopefully give them an idea what things are like, this site is still rather new but hoping it will be a nice one stop shop for ladyboy information, a clean no nude site which useful info!

  3. motoguzzibob

    Thanks for the quick response. I agree that an up to date information only is a very good idea. It’s true that some freelancers can harass, but only a little, also true that living there opens your eyes/ mind to more possibilities. Actually, I went into Pook, played pool, bought LB drink on 2 occasions, but made it clear that’s all I was there for (After they told me the outrageous prices!). They kept trying to drag me for about a week or so after, but eventually ignored me completely! This was good because, although I adore LBs and sex with them, I am more hetro and the friends I made would have none stop taken the mickey, but more importantly, it frightens off some bargirls if they find out and the word gets out. Therefore I never take the LBs back to my room. I was there for 4 months and going back soon. I have long stay accommodation near Pook bar and so the quieter/ hidden places suit me.
    By the way, the LBs in Sensations bar (That appeared on Sky) has very friendly LBs with a normal 300 baht bar fine, although some of them ask for up to 2000 baht. I just move on from those prices. I have to admit that probably my favourite is a LB massage where I pretend I just want a straight massage ……..
    Happy hunting!
    Happy hunting!

    • LadyboyFan

      yes Sensations Bar is on my list, in fact they all are at some point.. as for bar fines yeah it can change a lot for many reasons, if they like you, if they hate you, if they already had a bunch of customers, if they need more money for rent, whatever:) the list goes on, I guess one good reason for the GO-Go bars that have a flat rate bar fine

  4. Peggy

    I want to visit Thai is sad 🙁 i do not have a friend to give me an invitation letter.

    • LadyboyFan

      you can come here only and have a great time

    • motoguzzibob

      Post again and explain and maybe we can help?

      • LadyboyFan

        yep most countries you can get a visa on arrival for 2 to 4 weeks and even extend that, all depends on where you are from, Thailand is pretty open to foreigners for the most part

  5. motoguzzibob

    HI Peggy,
    Where are you from? Most countries don’t need invitation letters to get a visa – if that’s what you mean? If not, I do not understand your problem, because in Pattaya you just book a flight and hotel and enjoy yourself like LadyboyFan says. It’s easy and fun. you make friends as soon as walk into a bar

  6. motoguzzibob

    Hi again Peggy,
    You can post again and LadyBoyFan, I think, or certainly myself would be pleased to help you.

  7. Motoguzzibob

    In Pattaya now and LBs are good here, seriously enthusiastic! There are some new ones. Rooms upstairs are 400 and LBs ask 1000 for “everything”. Be warned/ prepared, most seem to be happy/ keen to bareback – either way! They are lots of fun and it,s usual for them to get their equipment out and encourage you to do the same whilst watching the show! The LB massage are usually 1000 all in,so cheaper, but no show! As I said, there a lot of freelancers who are still here – mostly around Pook bar in Soi Buakhao area and are even cheaper.

    • LadyboyFan

      I assume that every ladyboy out there in Thailand has barebacked at least once so if safety is your concern then condoms should be your best friends always, they are for me:)

      • lvr181

        Many ladyboys insist on condoms

        • LadyboyFan

          many also dont

  8. moyoguzzibob

    My two pence worth is that most don’t. I used to make the assumption that they would want me to wear a condom – My experience has been that the majority will sit on my naked cock and I have to heave them off – sometimes they offer a lot of resistance and disappointment and wanted me to cum in them and if I’m having a massage, on several occasions they’ve slipped their cock up me (After working om my bum (hole) with massage oil. But now I’m prepared! There is another point here and that is massage oil can lead to broken condoms. Of course, there are LBs that get a condom out without discussion, but my experience is that they are in a small minority.

    • Where is the best place to start with Ladyboys? I have driven past Baby Boom loads of times but have so far never had the guts in. I really want to go with a Ladyboy but have to pluck up the courage!

    • Love reading about your experiences. I will be in Pattaya from late September for 6 weeks, this will be my 4th trip to Pattaya & I have yet to have an experience with a Ladyboy. I have been past Baby Boom on numerous occasions but have yet had the guts to go in although I have been dying to. What advice can you give me? Will Baby Boom be a good place to start? What should I expect if I take a girl to one of there short time rooms? So many questions I’d like to ask, hope you can give me some advice to help me pop my Ladyboy cherry, many thank

      • LadyboyFan

        I believer I answered a lot of your questions in email.
        Baby Boom might be a bit aggressive for the guy who is shy and going in for the first time.
        In Pattaya I would check out
        1. The House Bar
        2. Happiness Star
        3. LA Bamba
        4. Sensations
        are the more laid back bars and are not as aggressive

        as for what you can expect in short time rooms, well it really comes down to whatever you like. For the most part ladyboys are not going to attack you , they want you to have a good time, you are the customer, they will do pretty much anything you want and feel comfortable with, if you just want to kiss and talk that is fine, if you want to get into some hardcore action that is fine too, just tell her what you want, they have heard it all before. As for the process, usually the ladyboy will shower and expect you to do the same, together if you want, they like anything if it is just standard sex you probably start off with some oral action and move into the hardcore from there. Most ladyboy will have lube and condoms with them but it is always a good idea to at least bring a condom with you , safe sex is recommended no matter how much the ladyboy says she is safe.

        • IJS

          Apologies about that, I didn’t think my comments got posted. I was over in Sept & Feb but still didn’t have the bottle to pop in anywhere. Do you know if The House Bar is still open? I tried to find it but could not see it anywhere. Many thanks

          • LadyboyFan

            Yes it is still open, The House is a very small bar, you can easily walk by it if there was no ladyboys sitting out front and not notice it. It is across the Street from La Bamba. If you are coming up from the beach
            you have a Star Bucks On the beach, walk up and you will see La Bamba Ladyboy Bar on your left, you keep on going just a few feet and The House is on your right.

  9. Hi, I’ve been trying to pluck up the courage for ages to go to a Ladyboy bar, I have been bast Baby Boom loads of times but have yet to go in. Its always been a fantasy of mine to go with a Ladyboy so would this place be a good place to start? What should I expect, will they know i’m nervous etc etc? Cheers

  10. Joca

    first time for me at this bar…..wonderful mood….nice …beautiful…LB’s

    • LadyboyFan

      great glad you had a good time, that bar can get a little wild but in a good way at times.. thanks for the comments

  11. Pugachoff

    Hi. I understand Bar Fine is 500 baht and I think girls require 1000 baht for services on your premises. Is this correct? Also, is the 500 baht Bar Fine and 1000 the same if girl comes to my hotel room away from Baby Boom?

    • LadyboyFan

      First let me state that I do not own the bar, I just review some of the bars and talk about my experiences. I want to stress I do not actually own a ladyboy bar.
      To Answer Your Question
      1. Yes 500 Baht at the time but it could be 600 Baht, 700, Baht things do change but usually about 600 Baht In Pattaya Ladyboy Bars
      2. 1000 Baht or around there is usually for short time experiences, usually an hour to 90 minutes kind of thing, or a lot less if you are in a hurry:) or finish up early
      3. If you want to take a girl to your hotel room you are usually talking about Long Time. Usually that is more expensive, Pattaya could be 1500, 2000, 3000 Baht, really depends on the girl, how busy it is for her, how much she needs the money etc etc.

      There really is no set price per say, i was just giving a guideline
      600 Baht or So to Take the girl out of the bar
      1000 Baht or so for a shot time experience
      2000 Baht or so for a long time experience

      But like I said the prices chance and you can haggle some, just don’t haggle to much or she think your are cheap but also do not settle for a price if she says something crazy like 5000 because sometimes they do that especially if they think your are a newbie.

      Be Friendly, Be Fair, Buy Her A Drink, and show her some respect and she will no doubt give you a fair deal for the most part. Be a jerk, mean, demanding and the price can surely rise.
      Just remember you do not have to take a girl, sometimes they try to make you feel guilty but it is all part of the game of trying to get you as a customer or even a boyfriend if you are looking for that kind of thing

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