Baby Boom Ladyboys

Baby Boom Ladyboy Bar Review Pattaya

Baby Boom is another fun Ladyboy GoGo Bar in Pattaya, Thailand. It is just off the main Soi Buakhao Street and is tucked away on a quiet street where most will not even see you enter. I have been there a few times in my travels and have always had a good time. The bar is rather small with a small stage with some big mirrors where the girls usually dressed in bikinis of some sort shake their stuff and ride the stripper poles. The bar is rather chill and the girls usually do not jump your bones right away but they are very interested in you. You can call them down at anytime and they will gladly hop on your lap and have some fun with you. Of course buy them a drink and perhaps even take one or two up to a room for some fun.

The bar is run by a very nice couple, I believe he is European and she is Thai and they are often in the bar taking care of the drinks, the girls and the customers. The music is a mix of many different types but usually something with a beat where the girls can dance easily too. The drinks are very reasonable and there are happy hours each night if you come a bit earlier. The bar is laid out with the dance stage right in front of you and a long bench in front with tables for you to sit and enjoy. There is a bathroom in the back and yes they do have short time rooms’ right upstairs. So if you do not want to wait to take them home and just want to have some quick fun just pay the bar fine and take her to the room and let the naughtiness begin.

There is a nice collection of ladyboys that work at the bar, most are very friendly with a mix of super cute to more stallion type ladyboys. Usually the later in the night the bar will start to empty as girls either move on to the streets or are taken by customers. The bar closes at 2am officially but the owner from what I have seen will keep the establishment open a little longer if he has some paying customers inside, he is very laid back and easy to chat with.

The bar also has some show nights where the girls do little sexy shows such as a shower scene which is fun for both the customers and the ladyboys; it gives them the chance to show off a bit like a performer which they obviously love. As I stated before the bar is off of Soi Buakhao street and is pretty private, you can even take a right after Oasis Bar, then your first left and walk down a small street which is even more private if you do not want anyone to see you go to the bar. Sometimes on the main street, Soi Buakhao you will see a ladyboy with a sign showing you where to find it. If you are walking down Soi Buakhao and reach Pook Bar, which is another ladyboy bar then you have go too far, just turn around, walk back down and take your first left and the bar will be on your left side.

I like Baby Boom for the most part, the bar is pretty basic with a small stage, mirrors and places to sit, but the girls are fun, the drinks are a good price and the overall feel of the establishment is friendly. If you need more information, better directions or just want to talk about the bar or anything else just send me a message using the contact page of the site, would love to hear from everyone!

Prices at the time of this review are only 95 Baht to buy a drink for a ladyboy and 500 baht to Bar Fine one these sexy girls.  Drinks are actually a little cheaper then usual, the bar fine is pretty standard.