my way bar ladyboys

My Way Bar

My Way Bar is a popular spot to find ladyboys on the famous Walking Street in Pattaya, Thailand. Walking Street is a sex district area in the city that is filled with mostly Gender girl Go-Go Bars and regular outside bars however there are also a few Ladyboy Bars in the mix. My Way Bar is pretty much half way down the street across from a popular late night spot called Insomnia Disco. The bar is not an indoor bar and you access it directly from the street, usually you will see many sexy ladyboys walking in front of it or seating on the chairs tucked behind. There is a few regular girls that will be there often but many other ladyboys will drop in at anytime especially late at night. Since this bar is outside of two late night discos you will find a lot of ladyboys hanging around to the very early hours looking to take that customer home. Some people actually reference this bar as Hot Tuna Bar as that place is connected right to it and often ladyboys are there as well but I believe the ladyboys that officially work in the area are associated with My Way Bar.

My Way Bar Ladyboys are usually on the hunt and they watch everyone as they walk down the street looking for customers that are checking them out. They are quite friendly and will be happy to have a drink with you though I have found in the past they are really looking to go home with you, is that a bad thing? Of course not but at times it can be a bit aggressive at this bar, but I have seen worse. One thing for certain is if you are trying to keep your desires for ladyboys secret it is a pretty bad choice is the bar is wide open, outside and on the most popular Sex District area in Thailand. However, bare in mind that almost everyone is there for sex and do not care what you are up to, might get a couple looks from the curious but you will be soon forgotten in the crowd of sexy gender girls and ladyboys that are pretty much on every single turn. Also one final note some of the ladyboys that work or visit this bar are sometimes post-ops (mix of both pre and post) so if you are looking for something a little harder than make sure you ask.