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Nana Plaza Ladyboys Bangkok

Nana Plaza in Bangkok, Thailand is one of the most popular sex district areas in Thailand, perhaps about equal to famous Walking Street in Pattaya. The complex consists of a number of open air bars at the bottom level but there is also Go Go Bars on the first floor all the way up to the third floor filled with Girls and Ladyboys. Usually the bars are kept separate with ladyboys in one and gender girls in the other but on occasion there will be a bar with a mixture. One thing for certain is you are going to find a lot of ladyboys working here. If you frequent the adult sites you will even recognize some from movies but there are so many more that are not online that are just as stunning. I am going to be honest it is the sex industry so these girls are doing this for the money but many of them are looking for full time boyfriends that will take them away from that life and take care of them. However, they are also just as happy to go home with you for the night, usually by home I mean a hotel or even just have a drink and talk.

These are a series of photos given to us from the good folks over on Ladyboy Gold. The photos are from Chilli Bar, Temptations and Cassanova Bar which are all very popular places to check out for any Asian Tgirl Fan. Nana Plaza is very easy to get to. You can take the Sky Train directly to the Nana Station and it is just a short walk from where you are dropped off and every taxi driver in Bangkok is going to know exactly where Nana Plaza is, probably the most requested place in the city to visit. Sometimes I admit it can be a bit overwhelming walking into a ladyboy bar filled with beauties that are all trying to get your attention. However, it is well worth it and once you get a couple drinks you are sure to relax a bit more and really check out the amazing talent. I am not going to go into a big post on the sex industry and if it is good or not. That will be for you to decide, no doubt a wonderful place to meet a stunning ladyboy but there are other ways besides places like Nana Plaza as well such as dating sites like Thai Friendly.