Ladyboy Momo

Pattaya Ladyboy Beauty Momo

Momo is a very sexy all natural ladyboy that has been a fan favorite on several sites over the years.  She just released her 3rd video over on Asian Tgirl and as always she looks great in her cute shorts, petite body and that lovely face.  She is no stranger to getting it on with other ladyboys as well so if a threesome is something you have always dreamed about she is sure to get your juices flowing and will bring a sexy friend to join both of you.  I also love her set from Franks Tgirls of Ladyboy Momo that is also on this portal so make sure you take a peek.  Either site has some sweet content on her and I am sure you will love it.  I do love the natural ladyboys the most and it is rare to find an Asian Tgirl that has been around as long as Momo who has not gone under the knife to get big boobs.  Usually, the models are pretty quick to get them but there is always a couple that decide to hold back.

Did you know before the pandemic it was not unusual for someone to become a ladyboy just for the money.  I am not saying Momo is one of those girls but it is true.  Ladyboys often make more money in the sex industry and there has been some cases of guys becoming ladyboys just to get more customers and when their run is over in the industry they go back to being a guy.  Now, do not panic, this does not happen on a regular basis but it surely does happen.  In fact even in the USA there has been cases where superstars or popular models have reverted back but usually that is due to a personal choice as they try to understand who they are.  In any case I am going off topic.  Enjoy the lovely Momo she is a keeper.

Ladyboy Momo Pattaya