Ladyboy Nancy

Sexy Pattaya Ladyboy Nancy Returns

Pattaya Ladyboy Nancy returns to Asian Tgirl for her second hot set.  This is from her sweet cumshot video so make sure you pop into the site and check her out.  What I love about Nancy is that big smile that really makes you feel welcome.  That is exactly what she is like as well as I had the chance to meet her and have some fun with her during a trip to Thailand.  She has a killer body with a great ass and a big hard cock as well.  I remember she sold me to visit her after we chatted online for a bit and she sent a few photos of that ass as she was leaning up against the wall. Right from that photo I had to at least meet her and it went very well.  Had a couple drinks with her at a bar she was at in Jomtien which is a small beach area just off of Pattaya and from there went to a local short time hotel.  You can also see a bit of her first Ladyboy Nancy set on the portal as well.

If you are unfamiliar with a short time hotel it is basically a very basic hotel room where you can have some fun with whoever at a lower price and a shorter time, hence the short time hotel name.  Usually the room has the basics from a shower, bed, television and that is about it.  They can be super cheap or actually quite nice all depends on how much extra you want to spend.  Though I only spent a couple of hours with her it was certainly worth it.  Next time I am in the city I will make sure to have her over to my actual hotel for a longer time.  Another thing you will get used to when you are taking a ladyboy escort.  The difference between short time and long time.  Ladyboys will often as you that when you are discussing the price.  Asking if you want short time or long time as it can cost more if you want the ladyboy for a longer time in your room like over night.  I would suggest if you have the time to go long time with Nancy because she is a total blast to be with, she will rock your world.

Ladyboy nancy