Evolution of the ladyboy

Evolution Of The Ladyboy Monster

Evolution of the ladyboy

The Evolution of the Ladyboy Monster is a fun post I decided to write about how the typical sex worker Ladyboy will change her look both physical and emotionally as time progresses in her career. The term sex worker are those ladyboys in Thailand that work at Beer Bars, Go-Gos, Freelance or basically just have sex with foreign customers for money. I have spent a lot of time in Thailand and have watched how many ladyboys that have started out as cute little beauties have transformed themselves into something quite different as time progresses, is a monster always bad? No not at all but totally different look when the Ladyboy first started her sex worker career.

Stage 1 – Stage one is what I like to call the cute stage. This is where the Ladyboy is usually about 18 to 20 years old of age and has just recently entered into the sex field. Thailand is different from a lot of western countries as Ladyboys are more accepted in society. They still have a lot of limitations on them such as jobs but a Ladyboy can “come out of the closet” so to speak quite young and not be ridiculed or beaten up like a transsexual might in the United States for example. They can start dressing up, wearing makeup and even have access to hormone medication at an early age. They cannot have breast implants until they are 18 but many ladyboys get around that by false ID cards or clinics that are not entirely legal.

When they decide to enter the sex industry it is usually because the appeal of making more money, buying expensive things and having a foreign boyfriend all looks better then perhaps working at a low end job making little or no money. As I said the options for jobs are not typically great for a Ladyboy. That is not to say that some ladyboys are not happy with lower end jobs and some ladyboys are quite clever and make a lot of money without entering the sex industry. In any case when a Ladyboy decides to enter the sex world usually she already has friends in the industry and will usually start working at the bar where their friends are. I often get asked why did this Ladyboy choose this dirty bar to work in, she could be a super star at this bar? Chances are she has friends at this bar and since the Thai people are so social they like to stick together with their friends and family as much as possible.

When they first start they are usually 18 to 20 years of age and are lacking any enhancements. They might have hormone breasts from years of medication but for the most part they are just cute ladyboys that looked like they just left university and this is often the case. They are probably shy, do not speak a lot of English and might be a little harder to talk to and have fun in the bedroom due to their inexperience. This is the stage I like to say when they are just super cute. They probably are lacking tattoos, are quite thin and often quite sweet and friendly. They have not been changed by the sex industry yet and are a clean slate sort of speak.

Stage Two – This is what I like to call the sexy model stage. As the Ladyboy from stage one becomes more familiar with how things work in the sex industry she begins to change as well. Usually, the Ladyboy will learn how to put on her makeup, how to do her hair and how to dress sexy from her other Ladyboy friends. She will begin to walk like them, talk like them and start to get operations that enhance her appearance making her feel more feminine and sexy. Also the thought that her new look will certainly attract more foreign customers. Usually the first thing a Ladyboy gets will be the breasts and at this stage you can expect breasts and perhaps some minor changes to their nose and eyes as well. Chances are a couple tattoos might appear as another addition to this stage.

You often find ladyboys wearing garments that enhance their figures that they have not been able to afford. For instance a lot of ladyboys seem obsessed by bigger hips and asses. If they do not have the money to make that change yet often many of them wear girdles that push up those features. So if you take a Ladyboy home for her big ass do not be surprised how small her ass becomes when that girdle slides off. In regards to personality, this is the stage where the ladyboys are more familiar with the English language, usually know how to get your attention and are starting to get well versed in how to score a foreign man. They will be dancing sexily at the bars and trying to get your attention not like the Ladyboy at stage one who might be shy to even look your way. This is probably the most popular stage for the foreigners. The ladyboys at this stage are usually very friendly and also know how to push all your buttons.

Stage Three – This is what I like to call the Monster stage. The monster stage can be caused by a couple of things. The first being the Ladyboy has taken her enhancements way too far. She has got insanely big breasts, hips, ass and basically has transformed her face and body so much that she does not even look like an Asian Ladyboy anymore. When plastic surgery has gone too far and instead of looking like a girl she looks more like a melting cartoon. Another reason that the monster stage can take effect is if the Ladyboy has just taken to many drugs throughout her career. She might be super skinny and look more like a skeleton with tired eyes and the overall feeling that she is a crack addict. Of course sometimes these two reasons of becoming a Ladyboy monster merge together and they could be a Ladyboy that is a drug addict and has had too many operations.

Ladyboys at this stage might be a little more unstable and usually are not working at your typical Go-Go Ladyboy bar where all the younger ones are but are probably working at more seedy bars or just freelancing in the streets. They might be a little more deceptive and could be more inclined to cause trouble. Such as stealing from you or getting upset over small things that the other stage ladyboys might not react too. If you have ever walked down Soi 6 in Pattaya late at night you will often see a lot of these ladyboys pop out of the dark shadows hoping to have some fun with you. This is the stage where the ladyboys almost seem to act like cartoon characters, they become so animated in how they walk, talk and so forth. Everything is exaggerated and if you are one that does not like to have a Ladyboy that draws attention then this is not the stage for you.

As I stated above not all ladyboys will go from cute teen Ladyboy stage 1 to older monster Ladyboy in stage 3. However, most will at least hit stage 2 where they start to get enhancements and act more like a sexy hooker trying to get your attention. There is also the time factor. Some ladyboys will take years to go from stage 1 to stage 3 while others can go from cute teen to monster in less than a year with medical enhancements and/or drug addictions. If you are a fan of the stage one look your best chance to keep them that way is to take them out of the bar and put your say in how she develops but let’s face it, everyone gets older and you can’t keep up the cute teen Ladyboy look forever. I always wish I had some ladyboy freeze ray that I could shoot a Ladyboy with. The point that I like her best I would hit her with that ray and her look would never change, but this isn’t the movies.


Do the foreign men enjoy the cute Ladyboy teens, the sexy model Ladyboy or the more wild monster like Ladyboy? Well every man is different and every man has their own tastes. There will be men that like ladyboys from just one of the stages and there will be foreigners that move from different stages depending on what they are looking for. One night you might feel like that cute 19 year old dancing at the Go-Go but the next time you want a more seasoned and experienced Ladyboy from the monster field that will just attack you and show you an amazing time in the bedroom. There is no right or wrong decision here and if you ever come to Thailand just take the Ladyboy that gives you that feeling. Some guys love taking the monsters as they think they are more fun and know what they are doing, then there are the guys that like taking the rookie ladyboys as they love the innocence of it.

I prefer myself the ladyboys at stage one for the most part. I am attracted more to the cute natural look but I have also dabbled in the other stages when I was in the mood. It is amazing how the right attitude Ladyboy can get you in the mood for some sexual fun. Now these stages are not set in stone and not every Ladyboy in the sex industry will follow the process from stage 1 to stage 3 exactly the same. What you really should take out of this is if you are looking at a Ladyboy on a porn site on the Internet and you just fall in love with how she looks. You then decide to go to Thailand a year or two later in hopes of meeting that Ladyboy. You call her up or visit her at her bar and when she arrives she looks nothing like the Ladyboy that you envisioned. Perhaps she got new breasts, new nose, change her eyes, got covered with tattoos, gained weight and the list goes on and your dreams of that Ladyboy is shattered. Lucky for you there are so many ladyboys in Thailand you will find lots of replacements to enjoy that are sure to fit the type of Ladyboy you like.

So there you have it, my little fun post on the evolution of the sexy worker Ladyboy. I love to hear your thoughts on it and your experiences. The stories I usually hear are I took this cute Ladyboy and saw here the next year and she completely changed. Another is I saw this Ladyboy on the Internet in a recent update on a porn site, I came to the country and I didn’t even know who she was when I met her. That is how quickly they can change and what some people also do not know is a Ladyboy update on a porn site might already be a year or several years old to begin with. Not all content is put on a porn site right away, so that cute Ladyboy nineteen year old Ladyboy that was just released on your favorite porn site might actually be 21 or older now and a lot can change in those years.