how to talk to ladyboys

How To Talk To Ladyboys

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How to Talk To Ladyboys

Are you coming to Thailand to have some fun with ladyboys but are nervous about how you can communicate with them?  Well this article will mention some tips that you might help ease your anxiety.  To begin with most ladyboys you will meet in the bars, at the Discos, or even online usually have some Basic English.  They will not be able to discuss the stock market or get your theories on Quantum mechanics but for the most part the ladyboys will be able to talk to you.  Very similar if you were talking using a child’s vocabulary.  This would be the majority of ladyboys you will meet.  The new ones from the countryside might not have any English and there are those ladyboys that can speak it very well.  Some have a lot of contact with foreigners and some also have a higher education.  However for the most part the average Ladyboy will have a child vocabulary.

So when you talk to them you have to keep that in mind.  Speak slowly and use basic words.  Do not say “Would you like to accompany me tonight for a night of fun and festivities?” but instead say something like “You want go hotel with me?” is a lot easier statement for them to grasp.  As I said talk to them like you are talking to a child and not a University major.  After you chat with them for a bit you will quickly realize if she is a rookie, intermediate or advanced in the English language and you can judge how you will talk back to her at that time.

If you really want to get an edge up you could go to school if you are staying long time in Thailand, do online Skype Lessons with many Thai teachers or check out an online Thai study system.  I personally like Learn Thai Podcast and this link you can see a cool review of the product.  You can study online or use their podcasts to help you learn the language or at least a few words to have some fun with the ladyboys.  There are also several books you can download but I would suggest you have some program that you can hear the language.  The Thai Language is made up of five tones and one word can have 5 different meanings according to the tone that you hear.  It could mean the difference in saying “I love to eat rice” to “I love to eat the news”; the tones in the word rice are very similar to the word news.

I would also look at getting English to Thai Dictionary.  You could either purchase a small soft cover dictionary that you can carry around or an even better option is if you have a smart phone like an Android or and Apple device you can download a dictionary applications, these are usually a lot better because you can usually hear the word and also show the Thai writing script to the Ladyboy.  I personally use Talking Thai for my iPhone which is also available for the Android.  However, there are several free and paid options available and I am sure one would work for you.  There have been many times when I have visited Thailand and I am trying to explain a word to a Ladyboy and just whip out my iPhone and show her, it is that easy.

Some things I suggest you never do when talking to a Ladyboy:

1. Royal Family – The Thai people love the Royal Family, especially their beloved King.  I would avoid this topic all together when talking to any Thai Person.  Even if your attentions are good it could be misunderstood by the Thai and get you in trouble.  Jokes or insults about the King and the Royal Family could get you a one way ticket to a jail cell or a good beat down, so best to avoid it all together.

2. Thai Swear Words – The Thai culture has many swear words and some of them are very offensive.  You might think it is funny to learn a few and use them as you speak, more along the lines of a joke.  I would skip that idea as well, a swear word might be translated in English for you by a book or a program but in a real life setting you could get yourself in trouble.

3. Treat Them With Respect – Be polite with the Ladyboy, if you are not interested then just tell her No Thank You I am not interested, it is as simple as that.  Usually at the bars the ladyboys will approach you, they would rather know early that you are not interested in them, then they can move on to another customer.  You got to remember that in the bars it is the ladyboy’s job and she does not make any money at all sitting with someone that does not want to buy her a drink or take her outside of the bar for some fun.

This article was really meant for the foreigner that knows English but a lot of the ladyboys know other languages as well. It kind of demands on where they work in Thailand and who their normal customer base is.  A lot of Russians, Indians, Korean, Chinese and Japanese visit Thailand often and some of the ladyboys have picked up on many languages but for the most part English and Thai will be the stronger languages spoken on a day to day basis.