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Long Distance Online Ladyboy Girlfriend The Truth

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Long Distance Online Ladyboy Girlfriend

This article follows up on a past post called So You Want A Ladyboy Girlfriend Part 1.  Many of us ladyboy fans have seen these special girls online and have totally fallen for them.  They are beautiful, cute and so very sexy it makes many of us dream about possibly having a ladyboy as a full time girlfriend but for the average person this is not alwasy a possible option.

Not all of us have the means to live in Asia and it is not that easy to bring over a ladyboy from another country to live with you, is it impossible? of course not, I have lived in Asia with a ladyboy girlfriend so I know it can be done, but this post focuses more on that online relationship that many foreigners might have with a ladyboy.  Once again this article is not about every ladyboy, there are always exceptions to the rules but if you are a fan of the ladyboys that you see on the adult sites then this article might be a great informational tool for you.

Possible Reasons One Might Have An Online Ladyboy Girlfriend:

1. Vacation Ladyboy Girlfriend – You went on vacation to an Asian Country such as Thailand and met a ladyboy on your travels.  You might have got to know her briefly and got her contact information or you spent a lot of time with her on your vacation taking her to the tourist sites and beaches of Thailand.  Perhaps you met her in a bar and felt she was a good fit with you and took her out of the bar for a few days of fun.

2. Online Ladyboy Encounters – You met her online perhaps through a dating site such as Thai Friendly, maybe Facebook or another one of the billion chat and dating programs on the social Internet highway.

3. You Go To Asia For Long Periods Of Time – Perhaps you have a flexible job or are retired and are able to take multiple trips to Asia and stay for long periods of time.  You perhaps have a girlfriend there you see everytime you go and she lives with you and you take care of her, perhaps  even after you go.

So what is the real point of this post?  Well I am about to tell you.  These ladyboys though sweet and loving are probably doing a lot of things behind your back if you are not living in their country with them.  I am not saying all but the majority especially the ones that used to work in a bar are very likely to be naughty when they are not with you.  Even a lot of ladyboys that do not work in the bar are known to go with customers on a regular basis.

Here Are A Few Things You Should Be Aware Of In A Long Distance Relationship:

1. Asking For Money – There is a very good chance that a Ladyboy will end up asking you for money each month. There will be several reasons why she might as you this. 1. She says she is leaving the bar scene and does not go with customers anymore which means she has no job or money and wants you to help her out.  2. She might mention that her family needs money and she can’t support them anymore and wants to know if you can help.   In reality the family thing is true, in Thailand society for instance children are expected to help their parents with money when they get older. So these sound like good reasons to ask you for money.

However, the reality in most cases is the Ladyboy will not quit her bar and end up making even more money because you are sending her cash and she is also making money in the bar, you just increased her income and gave her a big raise.  She will tell you she is not going to bar but it is usually not the case.  She will no doubt really help her family out with money but how much will she give them, you are probably looking at most of your money staying with her.

2. Sleeping With Other Guys – I hate to say this but if you have a Ladyboy girlfriend and you are not living with her the chances are she is still seeing other foreign customers or perhaps even has an Asian Boyfriend on the side.  On my vacations to Thailand I have often taken a Ladyboy from a bar, on the street or even places like the mall.  Their boyfriends have often called while I was with them, even during sex.  Some of the Ladyboy do not answer but some do.

It is quite wild to have a Ladyboy riding you in the bedroom while she is talking to her boyfriend at the same time.  Telling him she is just watching television and being a good girl but in reality she is having sex with another man.  Does that make me the bad person, well I had no idea at the time and many of these ladyboys are going with vacation foreigners many times a week, I am just one of the many.

 3. You Might Not Be The Only Online Boyfriend – Some of these ladyboys are pretty smart.  They learn quickly that they can manipulate guys and get money and gifts from them.  Since they believe most of these guys will never actually got to Asia they end up getting lots of guys online so they can benefit the spoils.  If one does actually come to Asia they will either disappear when the guys gets here or will cut off the other boyfriends until the guy leaves, that is what you can expect.

I will admit many of you will probably not believe me and say my Ladyboy is not like this and if you are one of the very lucky ones that might be true.  However the majority of the ladyboys from the lower economic countries are probably playing you.  Does that mean you still can’t have fun? No not at all you can still talk to them, have then send photos and you can call her your girlfriend but you have to assume that there is a good chance she is not being loyal 100% after she turns off her computer or phone after a conversation with you.  What I can tell you is if you do come to Asia such as a place like Thailand and end up with a Ladyboy they are usually pretty loyal as long as you are around.  Though the ladyboys are not saints either are the foreign guys.

You have to remember that ladyboys hear on a daily basis from foreign guys how they want to marry them, how they are coming to Asia to see them, how they love them and then these foreign guys never meet them. It is a big barrel of broken promises on both sides and for the relationship to really work one has to be with them in the flesh and not in the virtual world.  As I mentioned above this is the norm but there are always exceptions to the rule and it is possible to have a successful relationship long distance wise.  I believe the foreigner that has actually met the Ladyboy in real life and can come back to see her throughout the year has the best chance to have a Ladyboy girlfriend that is not naughty while he is gone.  If you have never met her then chances are she has lots of extra customers/boyfriends on the side.

There are some ladyboys though that are really searching for a boyfriend online and will do the long distance relationship for a while but they really want you to come to see them or somehow have you figure out how to get them to your country.  At first this relationship might be fun for both of you but it will no doubt start to get rocky when the Ladyboy starts to become impatience and wants to meet you, that is often when the foreign guy starts to lie through his teeth if he knows he can’t make a real life meeting happen.  So there you have it my little blurb on online long distance Ladyboy girlfriend relationship.

Photos for this article were supplied by Ladyboy INC and Femboy Joy.

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