Obsessions Ladyboy Bar In Pattaya Review

Obsessions Kitten Club is a hot Ladyboy and girl Go-Go bar in Pattaya, Thailand. The Ladyboys are usually dressed in a different color bikini then the girls and usually on a standard night there will be a lot more Ladyboys than girls. Each Ladyboy has a number on her Bikini so if you want to call one down you can either get a hostess attention or just get the Ladyboy’s attention. I like the look and feel of the bar with comfy chairs with tables and you get to sit back and watch the girls dance on the stage. There is also a Jacuzzi in the middle or the bar if you dare to jump in with a Ladyboy and have some fun.

Some photos below from Ladyboys Pattaya Forum

The bar is somewhat dark and the tables give you a little privacy for the Ladyboy to have some fun with her hands or you can do the same with her. Most of the Ladyboys are very sexy with a wide range of girls from cute teens to stallion type Ladyboys. The atmosphere is aggressive however; the Ladyboys when they see you alone will all get in your face until you pick one of them. It can be a bit overwhelming for the new Ladyboy fan, in fact I still find it to aggressive and I have been there several times. Usually once you pick one of the Ladyboys the majority will get back to dancing. However, if you are generous with buying drinks you might end up finding more Ladyboys trying to join in.

I also find the hostess and waiters a bit aggressive as well, they always asking you for a drink. If you start saying yes to every request well this bar can get quite expensive in a hurry. If you hold your ground they will eventually give up as well, but at least buy the Ladyboy you brought down a couple of drinks, it is good practice. If you give off the vibe that you are very cheap well it can hurt your experience, yes the Ladyboys are having fun but it is also a job for them, so they need to get you to buy at least some drinks.

The bar opens up around 6pm but you probably won’t see most of the girls until about 8pm and on. As the night progresses you will find less and less of them as they are off to go with customers. The bar closes at 2am and by then the bar is usually pretty quiet. However on slow nights you might see a big collection of Ladyboys leaving the bar at 2:30am and most are ready to go and have some fun with you, you also will not have to worry about the bar fine.

The bar is actually close to the Gay Area called Boystown. However, do not let this scare you, there is only a couple of gay bars close to Obsessions and though you might get a couple of guys hollering at you to come to their bar they are usually pretty tame, just smile and keep on walking to your location. When you enter Obsessions you have two doors the one on the left takes you to the girl side and the one on the right takes you to the Ladyboy side. Now the bar is actually just one room but seems when I go the left is for the girls that does not mean you can’t call over a Ladyboy, you are welcome. I might go to the left side if I was a newcomer just because it might be a little less aggressive.

You can obviously take any of the Ladyboys for some naughty fun. You can take them back to your hotel, your home if you live in Thailand or to any numerous short time rooms in the area. Obsessions is actually attached to a hotel called Penthouse Hotel. It has some fun and unique rooms with stripper poles and such; you can actually stay at this hotel and not even go to the bar, just call the front desk and have them send the girl you want up to their room. There is usually a charge to take the Ladyboy out of the bar. Usually less than 20 dollars American. You then have to work out a price for the Ladyboy herself, some guys go at it cheap and offer 800 Baht which is about 24 dollars while others are more generous hoping for a better time at 2000 or 3000 Baht which is about 60 to 90 dollars. I think the average is about 1500 Baht but like I said you can make a deal with them.

In summary the Ladyboys at this bar are usually very sexy. They are very friendly but also can be very aggressive for drink orders and asking you to take them which can be a bit unnerving even for the veteran fan. If you are on the hunt for Ladyboys then it really is one you should check out, even if it is just for one drink. Speaking of drinks you also find the alcohol a little more expensive at this location as well, which as I mentioned above can get pricey if you start saying “yes” to every Ladyboy you see. Personally I would check out a couple other bars first on the Ladyboy site just to get any anxious feelings out and perhaps a couple of drinks in you to relax you.