Nissa Katerahong Winner Miss Tiffany Universe

Miss Tiffany Universe 2014 – Ladyboy Pageant

Tiffany Show in Pattaya, Thailand is a well-known Asian Ladyboy show that is now enjoying its 40th year since it originated as a one-man show performed for friends and family on New Year’s Eve party way  back in 1974. It has come a long way since then and now it has grown into a World Class show where people from all over the globe come and watch Thailand Ladyboys in an incredible Cabaret Show that is performed 3 times a night all year long. It really is a must see if you are in the area and you do not have to be a Ladyboy fan to enjoy it. Beautiful ladyboys, costumes, dancing, special lighting, stories and amazing detailed scenery are just the tip of the iceberg and sometimes special guests stop into the stow to share the spotlight with these lovely showgirls. At the end of the show you are welcome to meet the ladyboys and they are happy to chat and take photos with you, it really is a wonderful experience.

Nissa Katerahong Winner Miss Tiffany Universe

Miss Tiffany Universe is an additional night of excitement that has happened for the past 17 years. Each year ladyboys compete to be the top Ladyboy in Thailand and a pageant is held to determine who will win and then go on to compete in the Miss International Queen Pageant where she will compete against Transsexuals from all over the world. Miss Tiffany Universe is a big event in Thailand and has high ratings when shown live on the television. This year it started off in late April as 100 ladyboys from around Thailand were narrowed down to 30 contestants that competed in the show. This year’s winner was Nissa Katerahong and she took home over 2 million Baht in prices including 120 000 Baht in cash and a brand new car. That is about 65000 American Dollars in prizes and 4000 Dollars American in cash. Nissa Katerahong also won an addition 15 000 Baht when she took home Miss Sexy Star award which shows she was really on fire that night. There were other awards handed out just like other pageants such as Best Costume, Miss Congeniality and Miss Popular to other very happy contestants.

Miss Tiffany Universe Final 3

The night is always a fantastic time and even if you happen to not see the pageant the show itself is always worth a visit. The show also gives back to Thailand as a lot of the proceeds from ticket sales go to Thailand Charities and also with the help of donations from company sponsors. The show has certainly come a long way from the one-man show going back 40 years ago and I am sure it will continue to wow audiences for a long time. Great to see these lovely ladies in a different role besides working in the bars and showing just how talented and lovely these ladyboys can really be.

Miss Tiffany Universe Beautiful Ladyboys

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