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Stringfellows Ladyboy Bar Review

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Stringfellows is another hot Ladyboy Bar on Soi 13/1 in Pattaya, Thailand. It is just up the street from La Bamba Bar and one you really should check out if you are doing the Ladyboy bar hopping when you hit this exciting city. From the outside Stringfellows might be a bit hard to notice if you have never been there before but usually there will be a few ladyboys outside of the bar calling your name or perhaps having a snack while they wait for their dance shift

Inside the bar is quite small with a small dance area directly in the middle where the ladyboys show you their moves in cute bikinis for the most part as they slide up and down some stripper poles. There are chairs, well more like cushioned benches on each side of the wall and you are so close to the ladyboys you can almost grab them from where you are. I have to admit I have not gone to Stringfellows a lot but the times I have gone I have enjoyed myself. The bar itself is a little older and not to exciting but the girls are usually quite hot and you get a nice selection to choose from.

One thing I found at Stringfellows is if you don’t mind being a little naughty in public the ladyboys there are easier to get out of their panties right inside the bar. You can usually slip their hard surprises right at the bar while you have a drink and hopefully buy a couple for the girls as well. I find the Stringfellows Ladyboys will do pretty much anything when it comes to being naughty which might be a little overwhelming to some. However you only live once so why not go all out and get down with these horny and friendly girls. I do think over the last couple of years Stringfellows is not as popular as it used to be, so you might have to liven things up when you go inside as from what I have noticed the Ladyboys are not as happy as some bars, but a few drinks and a few smiles I think this place can get going quite quickly and since it is not as busy for the most part you will get a lot of attention.

You also have the option to going upstairs in the bar if you like to short time one of the ladyboys or take more if you like; they are all up for some threesome play. Of course you can also bar fine them and take them back to your place or another hotel, all depends on your mood and how you get along with the girls. As for the girls themselves there is a nice selection of very cute to some more stallion types ladyboys and you will see them dancing in shifts on the small dance floor in front of you. The bar itself is towards the back where you can sit down or just wait and one of the hostesses will come and get your order.

I like Stringfellows for the most part once I get inside, yes the bar is a little run down but the company is always quite fun. Sometimes I do feel a little intimated to actually go in as when the bar is slow you will find a lot of the ladyboys will hang outside the door which might be a little nerve racking for a first timer. However, I would still recommend checking it out, the girls are too sexy to ignore and after a few drinks you will be fine. I won’t say Stringfellows is one of my top bars personally but I do have some friends that just love it there, it is all a matter of taste.

Getting there is quite easy if you are coming from Second road just walk down about 1 minute and you will see it on your right hand side. If you are coming up from the Beach then it is on your left hand side almost at the very end of the street. You will pass La Bamba first but still a bit of a walk, perhaps about 5 minutes as you walk by some massage parlors and small bars. Most taxi drivers should know of the bar by name but 13/1 should be enough information for them if they do not.