The House Ladyboy Bar

The House is a relatively new Ladyboy Bar opening later in 2013. It is located in Pattaya, Thailand on Soi 13/1 or Soi Yamato is it is sometimes called just off the beach. It happens to be on the same street as Stringfellows and right across from La Bamba which are both ladyboy bars. So this street is becoming a great place to have some fun when you are ladyboy hunting.

Update: November 2013  – There are a lot more ladyboys hanging around the bar now, seems the word is out that this place is a pretty good place to be.  Most of the ladyboys will stand or sit around out front and if you want one just take her inside.  Another thing to watch out for is they have a sign saying Lady drink is 120 Baht which is true if the drink has no booze in it.  Drinks with booze in it cost 150 Baht for the Ladyboys.  A little on the deceptive side I think, but I can live with it.

I got a chance to visit the bar soon after it opened. It is a very small bar with just the bar itself and a handful of seats outside and inside the bar. There is a little DJ area at the back of the bar where the owner seems to enjoy playing some cool tunes. I believe he is French and seems like a very nice guy. The bar has a handful of ladyboys as well. Due to the size of the bar there are not many working here but a good half dozen can usually be found in sexy outfits and all hoping you will buy them a drink and enjoy your company in and out of the bar.

The drinks are reasonably priced with a nice selection and even some fun drinks like one where you drink out of a baby pacifier, very nice touch when you are in the mood to be silly and party it up. I found the ladyboys quite pleasant and not to aggressive, did not feel pressured to do anything which personally is great for me. The small bar also has a little hotel connected to it where you can stay in some rather nice rooms. For only 200 Baht you can rent one of these rooms that have a nice bed, TV, good shower and lots of mirrors. The 200 Baht is only for 2 hours but you are welcome to stay longer. They also have a VIP room that is 800 Baht though I did not get a chance to see it.

I enjoyed The House, it is a friendly bar and you can stay pretty hidden if you are shy about being seen with a ladyboy, you don’t even have to leave the bar to have some fun. Just slip into the hotel from a connecting hallway from the bar and let the fun times being. The only negative thing about the bar is obviously the size, some might feel it is too small, but to me it is charming and a sexy Ladyboy in a tight dress sitting beside me can’t be all that bad!