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Ladyboy Portal – Thailand Bar Reviews | Dating | Girlfriends | September 30, 2020

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Thai Friendly Ladyboy Profile Photos

Thai Friendly Ladyboy Profile Photos

If you are curious on the type of ladyboys you can find on Thai Friendly a cool online dating site then take a look at these beauties. These profiles are not fake like so many dating sites but actually Thailand Ladyboys. The site also has other ladyboys from other locations around the world but Thailand has the most ladyboys inside the member area. I already did a Thai Friendly Review but I just wanted to share some of my favorite photos. The ladyboys are not allowed to post nudity on this site but they are allowed to look quite sexy. So if you are considering chatting to some of them they are waiting for you and the access is free to join.

Thai Friendly LadyboysThese photos are mostly Ladyboys from Pattaya and Bangkok in Thailand as those locations probably have the most selection. I a lot of these ladyboys are working girls as they will have sex for money but Thai Friendly does not promote that, it is just a fact of life that many ladyboys work for money. That does not mean they do not want to find a boyfriend and even leave the land of bars and Go-Gos for the chance to have a foreign boyfriend. Many of these girls would love to get a chance to be with you and often age and looks is secondary. You can be a 50 year old man who is balding with a big gut and still land yourself a beautiful young Ladyboy; they do not have a lot of options and will take the love and kindness of a foreign man in a heartbeat for most of them.

Thai Friendly Ladyboys

I would suggest not asking most of them to get on webcam naked; most do not want to do that online. They are all for having some fun but they want to see you in real life or at least get to know you. So try to keep that question for a later day, if she offers it well that is up to you if you want to take advantage of it. Even if you are coming to Thailand just for a holiday, many of these ladyboys would love to meet you and be your personal guide around Thailand. The chance to break away from work and go to beaches, malls, tourist sites and so forth is much more appealing than their day to day life.

Thai Friendly Ladyboys


  1. motoguzzibob

    There certainly are some beauties here! It’s true that the ladyboys like to get away. Many are looking for real relationships and are often promised one, but sadly are nearly always let down and this after a time, can harden them into just chasing money. I have discovered you have a much better chance of a good response if you are about to visit Thailand. I’ve not used this website for a long time – found it a little expensive for a month for the replies I got, but you may do better!
    Does anyone know about this website and how to contact the author/ photographer?

  2. Also I’m not a tall man only 5’5″ so do I have to limit myself to a Ladyboy who is my hight or smaller? or do the Ladyboys not mind if they R taller than me?

    • LadyboyFan

      Working Ladyboys wont care what you look like… best advice I can give is smile a lot, be nice and fair and tell them up front if you are not interested, they dont like games as they would no doubt see you as an customer and if you are not going to purchase the goods they want to spend time on someone that does.

      As for the non working ladyboys, again I think most would not care, most ladyboys would love to have a foreign boyfriend and height would surely not be a big issue…. I am sure there will be a small percentage and I think very very small that would not like it but it would be rare..

  3. I am from Fiji.
    I am 45 years old and love ladyboys.
    I prefer ladyboy with huge ass,huge long cock,big lips and huge breasts.
    pls.provide contact address for few lady boys either in Bangkok or pattaya.

    • LadyboyFan

      I don’t really provide contact information like that. You are sure to find many when you arrive or check out Thai Friendly posts on this site and join the dating site, lots of girls that work are there and you can narrow down the ladyboys that are your type to meet up with.

  4. some cute ones here, deserve a message or two hehe

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